Carte implantation du Groupe SOFICADA dans le monde

The wholesale distribution of raw materials, ingredients, and additives across Europe.

SODIVAS: Based in Saint Malo - SOFICADA Group Head Office

SODIVAS is particularly active in four major markets.
Animal nutrition (feed)
with ingredients and raw materials used in the production of different animal nutrition inputs: precipitated silica, wheat gluten, monocalcium and dicalcium phosphate, rice starch and protein, inulin, sugar, a range of dairy ingredients, brewer’s yeast, urea, calcium butyrate, and natural additives.
Products for human consumption: amorphous and precipitated silica, micronized rice fibre, brewer’s yeast, potassium chloride and potassium sulphate.
Chemical and fertiliser industry: sodium silicate, alumina silicate, sodium metasilicate, alumina sulphate, synthetic zeolite, potassium carbonate, binary salts, and phosphate salts.
Plastics and rubber industry: recycled low density polyethylene pellets (LDPE), talc, precipitated silica, alumina silicate, synthetic rubber (NBR – SBR), vulcanizing compounds, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and antioxidant

SODIVAS maintains a close, transparent relationship with manufacturers and clients

SODIVAS’ market knowledge enables our business relationships to encompass far more than simply striking deals:

Our manufacturer partners come with us to visit our customers’ production sites and make sure that the delivered products are in total conformity.
We certify our raw materials through laboratory testing and industrial trials. 
Technical expertise you can trust, through the specialist expertise of our suppliers, our knowledge of what the market needs, and our close ties with our customers.

SODIVAS: real-time responsiveness to customer needs

Beyond simply sourcing the products our customers need, SODIVAS can also help you with:

Processing primary products (mixing, grinding, etc.).
Packaging made to measure for each customer (bagging, big bags, bulk deliveries, etc.).
Finding the right logistics solution.

SODIVAS: an international operation

SODIVAS has branches in:

Head Office

Czech Republic
Sales office

Sales office

Picto chaîne logistique

Real-Time Adaptability

SOFICADA Group brings you access to an end-to-end supply chain, guaranteeing product availability and delivery to the best possible deadlines.

Picto accompagnement clients

Support at Every Step

We believe in supporting our partners, and each of them can count on the assistance of a SOFICADA advisor with a proven track record in crafting bespoke solutions. 
When the situation demands, we can call in manufacturer technicians who will work to meet your specifications.

Picto Feed Chain Alliance

Quality & Traceability

Our teams work hard to find you ingredients and raw materials with guaranteed levels of quality and traceability, in line with specific standards for your markets.

Picto relations de confiance

Open & Independent

SOFICADA Group also means the spirit of a family business. 
You’ll always get through to the same dedicated people, guaranteeing you an open, efficient, and trusted business partner.